Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  Do we offer GED's? 

No.  We only offer High School Diplomas.  Students may continue their course work wherever they stopped.

2.  Are we accredited? 

Yes.   We are accredited by The National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance. We also hold a State Department of Education - Certificate  as a recognized/certified/ accredited Alabama High School. 

3.  Are our teachers certified?

Yes.  All of our teachers are highly qualified with active teaching certification(s).

4.  Are we an alternative school? 

No.  We are a non-traditional, fully accredited private high school.

5.  Do we service special needs students and students with learning disabilities? 

Yes.  Depending on the outlined provisions on their IEP we will inform parents if our staff and facilities can service the needs of their child.

6.  Do we offer scholarships? 

Yes.  This is an option as funds become available.

7.  Do we offer financial assistance? 

No.   Hill and Lowe Educational Services, Inc. is an independant educational service provider. 

8.  Can a student get caught up academically if they enroll? 

Students have the right to make up, earn, and complete missing academic components through our year-round educational program.

 9.  Can students skip grades? 

No, we do not have accelearted programs or placement.

10.  Do we offer open enrollment? 

Yes.  We offer open enrollment.  Students may enroll all year.

11. Are we a licensed corporation? 

Yes.  We are a licensed corporation within the State of Alabama, and the City of Montgomery.

12.  Do we hold legal representation?

Yes.  We hold legal representation.

13.  Do we have liability coverage?

   Yes, We do have liability insurance.

14.  Do you offer computer based instruction?

   Yes, we are a Virtural On-Line Educational Provider.

15.  Do you have a age limit on adult learners above the age of 18?

   No, we do not have a age limit.

16.  Can courses/course credits from Exploratorium Academy be transfered to other school agencies?

   Other school agencies reserve the right(s) to accept or not accept courses/course credits. This should be clarified by both parties prior to enrollment.

17.  Are students who have been expelled or proposed for expulsion, and/or who are attending or who have attended alternative education programs eligible for enrollment at Exploratorium Academy?

   Each individual circumstance is different; the Director will evaluate each situation with the parent(s) and student to make a determination on enrollment.

18. Are we accredited as a Distance Learning School/Center?

   Yes, we hold Full Accreditation as a Distance Learning Center with both Regional and National Recognition.

19. Do we require a graduation exam towards earning a high school diploma?

Yes, we do require the ACT as part of the graduation process.

Last Up-Date: May 11, 2014





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